Provost seeks media support for College development

The Provost, Adeyemi College of Education Ondo, Dr. Samuel Akintunde, has sought support of media organisations in the country, in his drives at taking the institution to higher level.

Dr. Akintunde made the request in an address delivered at a parley held with selected journalists working in some prints and electronic media organizations in Ondo state on Wednesday February 20, 2019 in the College.

Describing Media as very important in societal development, the College Administrator lauded its practitioners especially those operating in Ondo state, for identifying with the development of the institution.

He said: "We decided to organise this parley in order to intimate our friends in media sector,  on what we have been doing in the College,  because we belief that the media is so important to us." 

"In the time past, you have cooperated with us so much that this College has been elevated and has become well known for some of the activities that have been going on here, for which the College has recorded outstanding performances. We therefore want to continue this laudable trend. We want the media to also support us as we progress, so that most of the things we would be doing, you will be part of us in making the whole world to know what we are doing here"

 Apart from that, we also want you to project the image of the College in good light. Sometimes, we may have issues, which are not strange in any community like ours, however, I think when such situations occur, it will be better for us to talk by coming together to crosscheck any information you require. If there is anything you want to find out, you are free to call and ask us questions and we will be ready to give you adequate information so that at the end of the day, news about the college are painted in right colours ".

Speaking on his vision for the college, Dr. Akintunde stated that his administration would focus more attention on development of entrepreneurship in the institution saying the move is geared at providing students who finished from the College "with skills that would make them globally competitive."

His words: "It is the plan of the Management of this College to see that the students we will be turning out henceforth should have some skills that are called “life skills”. You will see that our core mandate is truly to train teachers, but we have decided to add entrepreneurship trainings because we found out over the years that most of the graduates we turned out sometimes stay without doing anything while looking for jobs here and there.

"Hence we felt that if we train them to acquire skills, they would not be jobless or looking for white collar jobs after completing their courses but would become self reliant". It is indeed very unfortunate to see increasing numbers of unemployed youth in our country today. This is because the type of trainings they received in the universities has been such that cannot make them think outside the box. All they want is government job and truly speaking, there is nowhere in the world where you can have government giving 100 percent employment to all graduates of such country.

"So, it is high time Nigeria changed or restructured the education system and allow the acquisition of entrepreneurship skills in schools, not only in tertiary institutions but even at the secondary level of education"

"On our part in the College, we are set by the grace of God to make our education very inclusive by ensuring that henceforth, those who finished from here,  acquire one skill or another before they leave". 

"Starting from this new academic session (2018 / 2019), our students would receive training in their different areas of entrepreneurship skills. We have departments like Home Economics, Business Education, Agriculture, Music and others that are already commissioned to bring up training for these students in different areas of our entrepreneurship scheme.  Even our department of Chemistry is going to be involved in that."

"We also intend to use some skills acquisition centres in Ondo City for this entrepreneurship scheme for training of our students, we are already talking with some of them so that probably on weekends or on  daily basis, our students can also go to these outlets and get trained with some skills.  This is going to be the core focus of our administration, in addition to fulfilling our mandate of training our students as teachers".

On how the institution has managed to have uninterrupted academic session in the last five years,  the College Administrator attributed the development to cordial relationship  that has been existing between the College Management, staff and students. 

In addition, he also stated that the relative peace currently being enjoyed in the institution is due to strategy introduced by his administration,  whereby issues pertaining to strike actions are discussed through roundtable discussion " with all the  four Unions on campus and we have been meeting on regular basis concerning all issues,” he said.

Speaking on the issue of falling standard of education as being erroneously held in certain quarters, Dr. Akintunde disagreed with the notion. He, however, lauded academic staff in the College for doing their best because we have a way of checking our lecturers" he remarked.

As regards the restoration of the University status of the College, the Provost said the process is still on course. “I am happy to inform you that the struggle on the university status has reached the climax. As at today, the National Assembly has passed it into law, what we are waiting for now are legal papers that will go to the Presidency. So, we are still on it. Those that should draft the legal papers are on it, very many of them are into politics for now and we understand that we can only forge ahead on that after elections. "

The College Administrator also spoke on other issues which include relationship existing between Academic and Non-Academic staff in the College, Partnership between the College and Private sectors, use of electronic voting ( e-voting) for student union election, Introduction of Insurance scheme for students through which payment of compensations are given to parents of students who dies in accident or through health issue as well as contributions made by the institution's Alumni Association to its development.

On the issue of cultism, Dr. Akintunde said his administration built on the legacy inherited from his predecessor to tackle the problem. He explained that the system adopted has helped so much in bringing its occurrence to "the lowest ebb in the College as it has gone down so much that we can now say we have peace from it"

Also speaking on issues relating to Internally Generated Revenue, the College helmsman said,  “we have been doing everything to enlarge our Internally Generated Revenue, this is because we believe that every institutions must be up and doing in enlarging its IGR and we have been doing that. We currently have schools, block making factory and a printing press."

"Before now we have a Demonstration Secondary School in Ondo city, we have gone outside  the town to establish a model school in Akure. It is also our intension to extend that to Ondo South and North senatorial districts of Ondo State in towns such as Ore, Okitipupa and Ikare among others. What I can say is that we are doing well as far as IGR is concerned, but we are also looking forward to getting into more IGR projects from which we can get more incomes" he remarked.