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Vocation and Technical Education


The School of Vocational and Technical Education emerged from defunct School of Applied Arts and Sciences. All its Departments were established in 1964 except Department of Business Education which came into existence in 1992.Other old Departments are Department of Agricultural Science, Department of Fine and Applied Arts and Department of Home Economics. Students are exposed to the basic knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and managerial attitudes that enable them become competent teachers and employers of labour.

The School of Vocational and Technical has witnessed tremendous developments in terms of students’ enrolment, staff strength, infrastructures, teaching and learning resources over the years. The Students’ enrolment over the years has increased greatly. The present student’s population is about 2,000. The staff strength at present is made up of fifty eight 58 academics staff and twenty-two (22) non teaching staff. As at today ultra-modern buildings have been built for the departments of Agricultural Science, Home Economics, Fine and Applied Arts and Business Education.

Departments of Agricultural Science, Fine and Applied Arts and Home Economics run both NCE and Degree programmes while Departments of Business Education runs only NCE programme. As at the last accreditation by the NCCE and NUC, all the programmes of the School of Vocational and Technical Education were given full accreditation Status. Fine and Applied Arts as a discipline in Vocational and Technical Education provides opportunities for career in textile, graphics, ceramics, sculpture and painting while Home Economics provides career in Food and Nutrition, Home Management, Clothing and Textiles. Business Education provides career in Secretarial and Accounting while Agriculture provides career in Animal Production, Crop Production and Fish Production all of which are capable of providing employment for sustainable development.

The School has a functional Teaching and Research Farm with poultry, goatry, rabbitary, piggery, and crop production units. With its oil pam production, quality home management techniques, creative artistic designs and business orientation of students to explore viable survival options for creation of employment and wealth, the graduating students are empowered to contribute to the economic growth of the nation.

Furthermore, the School organises stimulating seminars, workshops and conferences on critical issues associated with sustainable agricultural production, entrepreneurial development, artistic creativity and poverty eradication. Generated ideas and reflections on human survival devoid of unemployment, poverty and diseases are published in referenced books and learned journals such as the Journal in Management and Business Education. Since its inception, the School has produced many self-reliant and competent professionals in public and private organisations associated with farming, cottage industries, artistic designs and quality nutrition across the nation.

Departments in School of Vocational and Technical Education

Dr. A.O. Ajayi is currently the Dean, School of Vocational and Technical Education, Adeyemi College of Education.


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