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The School of Arts and Social Sciences is one of the foundation Schools in the College. It was formerly known as the School of Arts until 1992/93 academic session, when the School of Languages was established as a separate school. Initially, the school of Arts and Social Sciences housed three departments. These are: Department of Geography, Department of History, and Department of Religious Studies. Although Social Studies was introduced during the 1992/1993 academic session but it operated as part of History Department. By 1993/1994 academic session, Social Studies Department started as a separate department. Also the Department of Economics which was established in 1992 existed as an integral part of Geography Department until 1997/98 session when it became a full fledged department. Again in 2011, the College started NCE programme in Music Education. With this, the School of Arts and Social Science now house six departments.

The School of Arts and Social Sciences has witnessed tremendous expansion in recent years. With the introduction of Social Studies and Economics Education in particular, students’ enrolment in the school has multiplied. This has also generated increase in human and physical resources.

The School of Arts and Social Sciences has made series of professional and academic contributions. Since the inception of the School, it has trained thousands of competent professional teachers who have served and still serving in various capacities in the Nigeria educational institutions. The School trains teachers in Economics, Social Studies, History, Geography, Religious Studies and Music Education.

In the area of academic contributions, the School of Arts and Social Sciences has regular academic publications which include Ondo Journal of Arts and Social Sciences; Review in Social Sciences, Conference proceedings and the annual book publication. The School publications attract contributors from all over the country. The School of Arts and Social Sciences also holds annual national conference which brings together academics from all over the nation. A number of academic staff from the school serve as moderators and visiting lecturers to other tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Also, some academic staff are resource persons to local, national and international organizations.

Contributions of the School to the Local Community and the Nation
The School of Arts and Social Sciences has produced trained teachers who are working in Ondo Community, Ondo State and other parts of the country. Apart from professional teachers, the school has also produced other professionals that are working in other sectors in the country. Some who graduated from the school had gone for further studies which have enabled them to become bankers, parliamentarians, business men, civil servants and lawyers.

The School of Arts and Social Sciences had been administered by the following Deans since its inception in 1984:
1. Dr. (Mrs.) P. O. Fayemi - 1st August 1984 – 31st July 1986
2. Mr. R. O. Ajidahun - 1st August 1986 – 31st July 1990
3. Dr. S. I. Ogunrinde - 1st August 1990 – 31st July 1992
4. Dr. J. O. Adejumo - 1st August – 31st December 1992
5. Dr. O. Oyerinde - 1st January 1993 – 31st July 1993
6. Dr. (Mrs.) A. Aliu - 1st August 1993 – 31st July 1995
7. Dr. J. O. Adejumo - 1st August 1995 – 31st July 1999
8. Dr. F. O. Adegunloye - 1st August 1999 – 31st July 2001
9. Dr. O. R. Adeniyi - 1st August 2001 – 30th November 2004
10. Dr. F. O. Adegunloye - 1st December 2004 – 31st July 2009
11. Dr. O. R. Adeyemi - 1st August 2009 – 31st January 2010
12. Dr. E. O. Adeleye - 1st February 2010 – date.


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