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The College Bursary is one of the key administrative organs of the College.
The department is in charge of keeping records of all financial transactions in the College and as well performing the following major functions:
i. Interpreting operating and maintaining the accounting system of the College;
ii. Keeping records to comply with statutory and other financial requirements;
iii. Providing timely, accurate and reliable information for Managements to assist in controlling various financial activities of the College on day-to-day basis;
iv. Providing suitable financial framework for planning future activities by means of budget and long term plan.
v. Preparing College Financial Statements.
The Bursary Departmentis headed by the Bursar. The present Bursar of the College is Mr. Abdul Ganiyu Olaniyi. He is a professional Accountant and one of thePrincipal Officers of the College.
The departments are divided into four (4) main sections. The sections and units are as follows:
(a) Funds Management Section:
(i) Salaries and Wages
(ii) Expenditure Control
(iii) Pension and Insurance
(iv) Fixed Asset Register.
(b) Financial Accounting Section:
(i) Cash Office
(ii) Final Accounts
(iii) Bank Reconciliation
(iv) Staff Loans and Advances
(v) Students Accounts
(vi) Internally Generated Revenue
(vii) Staff School Accounts.
(c) Budget and Statistics Section:
(i) Budget Preparation
(ii) Budget Control
(iii) Statistics
(d) Store and Supplies Section
(i) Purchases and Supplies
(ii) Store.
The Staff strength of the department is 46 and this figure is made up of Forty (40) Senior Officers and Six (6) Junior Staff.


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