Guidelines for Students Payments and Registration on ACE Portal

This is the information students will need to be properly registered for the semester/session.
1. Log in to with your profile credentials
2. Click on fees
3. If you are interested in the loan scheme, click on student loan scheme and click “ok” when the warning ⚠ pops up.
4. Make payment (first and second installments) to be able to register for harmattan semester.
5. Make payment for all 4 installments if you want to register both harmattan and rain.
If you already paid the 5000 for form, do not worry that it is showing on your profile. The fee would be worked on.
Note: if you are not interested in the loan scheme, do NOT click on student loan scheme. Just check for the fee you want to pay for and click on make payment. Once all necessary payments have been made, proceed to register as usual.