Provost inspects safe drinking water solutions in the College

The present administration in the College headed by an erudite scholar, Dr. Samuel Akintunde is apparently concerned about the complete well being of staff and students in the College community. It is on this note that Impact Water Nigeria through its Social Intervention Scheme( SIS ), has donated free ultra automated purification for safe drinking water  solutions to the College in line with the College management desire for safe and healthy environment.

While inspecting the various access points where the safe drinking water solutions were installed in which the water safety is from down to the last drop, Dr. Akintunde appreciated the company for the kind gesture and lauded the company resilience in pursuing its SIS. Places visited include Wande Abimbola hall, health centre, Demonstration school among others. There are 18 access points of installation accross the campus.

In the words of the company representative, Esho K. G, he expressed that the safe water drinking solution treats up to 108,000litres of water and very easy to connect with existing water storage containers. Furthermore, he said it has easy installation and maintenance, requiring no power. He equally noted that the company also sell in commercial quantities for schools, institutions and household who enjoy their product and value safe water. Beside Adeyemi College of Education that has enjoyed the SIS, other 6 Institutions in Nigeria has enjoyed the safe drinking water installations.

Flanked by the Provost during the inspection were the Director and Deputy Director of Physical Planning Works and Services (Mr. B. F. Ajayi & Engr. A. E. Dafiewhare), Acting Director, MIS (Dr. Kehinde Adenegan), Wande Abimbola Wings A and B hall officers among others.  Mr. B. F. Ajayi, the Director of works expantiated on the importance of this project during the inspection and noted that we now have safe water all around and can be more confident of having healthy environment.  In addition, the project Engr said the cost of each solution comprising ultra flow( non-electric residual chlorine purification) and big filters is N32700 bringing the total complete 18 sets donation to the College to a total of N576000.