Provost admonish workers to be diligent, hardworking

Workers in Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo have been advised to exhibit diligence and hard work in their various offices in the month of March in order to move the institution forward.

This advice was given by the Provost of the institution, Dr. Samuel Akintunde while speaking at the March 2019 Edition of the college-organized monthly prayer meeting held on Friday, 1st March, 2019 in the institution.

Represented by the Registrar of the College, Mrs Olufisayo Fakorede, the Provost commended staff for regularly participating in the prayer meetings, as he enjoined them to put in their best at their job places, praying that the Almighty God would meet their needs, and surprise them with good things in the new month.

In a sermon delivered at the occasion by a member of the College prayer team, Pastor Johnson Falade, he stressed the need for members of the college community to seek eternal life by moving closer to God.

Quoting several passages from the Bible in places which include John chapter 10 verse 10; 1st John 5 verses 10-14 and John chapter 3 verse 16, to butress his points, the cleric who is also a lecturer in the College stated that the need to seek refuge in God has become imperative in order to overcome Satan whom he described as a "thief who has come with evil agenda to kill and destroy."

Assuring the listeners of God's readiness to protect them, Pastor Falade said, "The agenda of the wicked is to come as a thief to steal, kill and destroy. For these three agenda, Christ gave one solution by assuring us that he has come that He might give us life and that we shall have that life more abundantly."

Using the encounter Apostle Paul had with the Lord Jesus on his way to Damascus, when he was going to persecute people who did not share his religious belief, as example, the preacher acknowledged the supremacy of God's power over Satan and wicked people saying, "Where the life of Christ dwells, the wicked cannot achieve any evil agenda.”

 He, therefore, stressed the need for everyone to seek eternal life, which he said is supernatural and could be received from the Lord Jesus Christ.

He said, "Where life of Christ is dwelling, the wicked cannot succeed because the life we are talking about is of God and it is from above. It is supernatural in nature. The thief symbolizes Satan but when he comes and sees the presence of Jesus, he will tremble. "Jesus carries life and the supernatural life is beyond the sight of man."

The clergyman-cum lecturer also spoke on breath of life and eternal life, saying through the possession of the latter, one would be able to overcome any problem in life.

He said, "Apart from the breath of life, there is also eternal life which can break any problem. Immediately you believed in Jesus, you will have eternal life which can break every natural law, as he urged the listeners to have confidence in God who is capable of giving eternal life.

The prayer meeting which held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Auditorium featured rendition of songs, Bible exhortation as well as offering of prayer for peace, progress and unity of Nigeria, advancement of the College, its Management, staff and students. 

The occasion which had many staff of the College including the College Registrar, Mrs. Olufisayo Fakorede, Deans and Directors, Heads of Department and Unit in attendance, climaxed with identifying and offering of prayers by Pastor Falade for members of the College community born in the month of March who came to the prayer meeting.