ACE Academic Staff Review/CV Update Matters

With respect to the College 2019 academic staff review whose time table has been circulated, it would be recalled that we started the process of e-review last year and now only few hard copies are requested for submission from staff as indicated in the circular.

In view of this, academic staff members are enjoined to visit their portal and follow the following steps to complete/update their CV for the online review process. Even though hard copies will be submitted, the advantages in the online submission are enormous!

1. CLICK HERE to access your portal
2. Log in appropriately with your login credentials
3. On your profile page you will find CV review tab both on the horizontal and vertical menu tabs. Click on any of it and you have the attached display on your screen.
4. Fill in all the required fields and follow the prompts as expected
5. After clicking and filling all the required fields and the menu tabs on the review panel, please submit appropriately.
6. Note that you can go back to edit any of the tab where any mistake has occurred or where a new information is to be supplied.

Once this is completed, your HOD and Dean respectively can, at their convenience and at will, access your CV with all relevant information and details readily supplied for further processing.
In case of queries and further guidance, pls contact:
[email protected] OR [email protected]