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Provost Welcome Address

"We are already established as Nigeria’s foremost and most preferred Teachers' training Institution but we want to rise further and be among the very few premier global teacher training institutions. We can only achieve this feat through excellence in teaching, learning and research."

-Professor Olukoya Ogen

Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) is a community of people who are inspired by possibilities. Since its establishment in 1964, ACE has enjoyed an excellent record of successes and achievements in serving the society particularly through human resources development and institutional capacity building. ACE offers a unique platform for the exchange of ideas and innovative approaches to teacher education. The College derives its pioneering and inspiring role from a combination of the presence of highly committed teaching and non-teaching personnel, its highly successful alumni base and a conducive environment. At ACE, we are committed to creating an environment that is conducive to innovative and critical thinking for societal growth and sustainable development. We offer a humane liberal approach to governance where the welfare and happiness of students and staff is highly prioritized. We are gradually moving to become an e-College with our avowed commitment to the acquisition and dissemination of ICT-driven skills.

It is very rhapsodic to be destined as it were to be the very first alumnus Provost of this great College, and that feat was achieved in 2014, the College’s 50th anniversary. While this is an achievement for me in itself, it is a substantial score for the College’s founding fathers, our teachers both past and present, the entire alumni population numbering well over forty thousand, the current student population of about 15,000 and the many more yet-to-be-admitted future students waiting to join us.

Our graduates have been highly successful as academics, public servants, businessmen, corporate workers, religious heads, politicians, and in fact, in all walks of life. The College gives its students the kind of education that gives hope and indeed, if the only achievement this College has had is the crop of its successful alumni, then it has fared well. As a foremost teacher training institution in Nigeria, our ambition is to employ all of our resources and clout to ensuring that we rise further and be among the very few premier global teacher training institutions.

Our College has benefitted immensely from linkages and international collaborations from such agencies such as UNESCO as well as the Ohio State University International Cooperation Administration Project. We are presently exploring new possibilities for international partnership with the World Bank, USAID and other agencies and institutions around the world. All our programmes are duly accredited by our two regulatory agencies, the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) and the National Commission for Colleges of Education.

Located in Ondo, southwestern Nigeria, the host town is rich in agricultural resources and is the largest centre for the cultivation and processing of cocoa in Nigeria. Surrounded by beautiful hills, the Ondo are known for their thirst and quest for education. Interestingly, the town is home to the first community secondary school in Nigeria and the oldest secondary school in southeastern Yorubaland (Ondo Boys' High School founded in 1919). No wonder, it is the only town in Nigeria with three specialised degree awarding institutions, namely, Adeyemi College of Education, Wesley University of Science and Technology and Ondo State University of Medical Sciences. The royal portrait painter, Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy, MBE, who painted the official portrait of Queen Elizabeth in 2001 was born in Ondo in 1952.

Adeyemi College of Education is visitors’ delight any day, our campus is inundated with beautiful lawns and a stunning quadrangle. This physical landscape blends with the legendary hospitability of the staff and students. Given its physical location in the ancient city of Ondo, as well as its closeness to the famous Idanre Hills, a UNESCO heritage site and many other tourist centres including the Osemawe Palace, the ACE experience is simply unforgettable either for a student, staff, visitor or for an investor.

Kindly join me on an exciting virtual tour of our great College.
Thank you.
Olukoya Ogen
Professor of History and Provost


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