School of Adult, Non Formal and Special Education

The School, ANF&SE sincerely appreciates the College Authority for imperatively moving the College in the right direction especially in the area of providing enabling environment via the online application and other virtual devices, so as to intensify learning, communication and effective administration in the College. The compulsory introduction of this online system could be regarded as a desideratum, a compulsory tool with the view to promoting research, teaching and other learning activities. We make bold to say that the advent of Covid-19 global pandemic is a blessing in disguise otherwise, the majority of us would have still been in the habit of applying old system of ‘pen and paper’ in conducting our academic and administrative activities. The idea of Covid-19 Pandemic has therefore reminded one that in every evil definitely, something good can surface. I personally therefore feel elated that Covid-19’s experience is now leading to a further rebirth in the area of the online application, an advocacy of long time that is urging for practical idea in education,, which is expected to be in tandem with the global best practices in the education system. My school, ANF&SE, is therefore rejoicing with the entire College in joining the train of modern technology in the application of virtual/online system in conducting effectively the affairs of teaching, learning and administrative activities as prescribed in the National Policy of Education (NPE, 2014) in Nigeria. We pray that this opportunity will go a long way in developing us individually and collectively so as to help the Institution effectively and efficiently.
Dr AMBODE Alexander Abiodun is the first Dean, in acting capacity, of the School of Adult, Non-Formal and Special Education. He resumed duty on the 19th November, 2019. The Dean has to his credits the following academic qualifications among others, NCE Math/Chem, B.Sc Chemistry Education, LLB (Law), M.Ed Industrial Education and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) (Ibadan), with bias in Industrial and Leadership Education. He is currently a Chief Lecturer in the Department of DCE/ANF, School of ANF&SE. He is happily married with children. Dr. Ambode, before the present appointment, held many positions in the College some of which were Head of Department of Continuing Education (DCE); Head of Department Continuing, Adult and Non-Formal Education (DCE/ANF); Vice-Dean of the defunct School of Education; Assistant Director of Directorate of Part-Time Studies; Director of Directorate Ventures and Consultancy Services; among others.