The Deputy Director, Adeyemi College of Education Health Center, Ondo, Dr. Ibunkun Ola Johnson has advised students of tertiary institutions to beware of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The advice was made on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, during one-day seminar on General Studies in Gender Education, which held at Babatunde Ipaye Lecture Theatre in the institution.

While presenting his paper, entitled “Challenges of Sexually transmitted infections among students of tertiary institutions,” the College Health Center Deputy Director, described STIs as sexually transmitted infections, passed from one person to another, through sexual contact from vagina or penis, mouth or arms. He added that “The causative agents are bacteria, viruses, fungi and other parasites.

Pegging the age range of students of tertiary institutions at 16-30 years of age, Dr. Johnson said that, the age range has the longest incident rate of STI, and that they are the country’s future leaders. Speaking further, he said that this is also the age range where issues like peer pressure, experimentation with independence occurs most, and that at this age range also young people particularly students are exposed more to STIs.

The Medical expert, however, listed the agents that causes sexually transmitted infections (STIs), general signs and Symptoms of STIs in both men and women, their complications, tips on prevention of Abnormal vaginal Discharge, what to do if one suspects that he/she has STI, and prevention of unplanned pregnancy.

While presenting her own paper entitled, ‘’Gender, Premarital Sex, Rape and their consequences,” The Director, Directorate of Gender and Sustainable Development studies, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Dr. (Mrs) Martina Chinelo Onuegbu explained what Gender, Pre- Marital sex, rape and their consequences are.

Dr. Onuegbu, however, advised students to put certain factors into consideration before pre-marital sex; such as: AM I married to my sex mate? If not, why should I consent to his or her desires for sex, when we are not married? Why can’t I preserve my virginity till after marriage to maintain my dignity, the dignity of my family and the respect of my lover for me? among others.

Speaking further, The Adeyemi College Gender and sustainable Development studies (GSDS) Director, advised students to know their sexual rights, take smart actions to save themselves from a rapist or sexual abuser. She also mentioned rape, defilement and sexual assult as actions that constitute sexual offences.

The GSDS Director advised victims of sexual abuse or rape to go to the hospital, report the case to law enforcement agencies, contact nearby local sexual assult center, if any, among other necessary urgent actions.

High point of the seminar was question and answer session which was done by dividing the participants into two different groups (Male and Female). Dr. Johnson from the College Health Center and Mr. Salami, the Head, Department of General Studies of the College took care of question and answers from the male group, while Dr. (Mrs.) Onuegbu GSDS Director and a female Administrative Officer from the Directorate of Gender and sustainable Development took care of those from female group.


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